But have you won the last one?

To find a MINI lurking in your bag of crisps or poshcorn is exceptionally jammy. Particularly as we only hid three of them. But to win a strapping MINI Countryman once the other prizes have driven off into the sunset takes luck to new levels. And that lucky somebody could be you.

Because everyone who entered our offer is still in the hat to win this final MINI. What’s more, we’ll be sending another 60 Joules gift cards worth £250 to a whole gaggle of unsuspecting runners-up.

We’re about to whip final names out of the hat, and will let our winners know soon after… We so hope you’re one of the fortunate few!

While your fingers are in that cramped crossed-position, you might like to treat them to some superlative Poshcorn.

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